Bringing Preppy Back!

I was raised in a quite conservative environment. During my teen-age years and early twenties in Northern Spain, I found myself pretty comfortable adopting this super preppy style -Barbours, Lacoste sweaters or Ralph Lauren shirts.

In the Summer of 2000 -I was 22- I spent a month in Santa Monica, CA, where I got some more casual/surfer/retro-chic pieces that totally turned my wardrobe upside down. Also, I discovered what I still consider some of my top 'shopping paradises': Venice Beach -the vintage shops and the little stores alongside the Promenade- and Melrose Avenue -especially my beloved Planet Funk!

After Law School, I lived in London for a while. There, I got exposed to some of the hottest/timeless trends involving lots of folk and retro touches. Camden Town market and the little boutiques around Notting Hill are also included into my 'shopping paradises.'

Moving to Miami, FL in 2006 to pursue my degree in Communications, my new lifestyle as student alongside the city's weather, shook my fashion sense to the core (lots of jeans, t-shirts of all kinds, baseball cups, jumpers, sneakers...) Of course, my trips to NYC and discovering the amazing little boutiques aroud SoHo, Nolita and even Canal St, rocked my wardrobe! I'll definitely create a post about my shopping paradises!

Right now, as a professional girl on my early thirties, I can consider that my fashion style is pretty much a product of everything that I have been exposed to.

However, I miss the 'preppy touches' and this year, I am determined to incorporate those into my wardrobe! Here you have my top combinations:
1. Masculine shirts + (short jeans or leggings)+ (flats or flip flops or boots)+ Panama hat

2. Classic Kahki pants + (any top -be fit, one shoulder, v-neck...- or long sleeve t-shirt or turtle neck/fitted sweater) + (flat shoes or ankle boots)

3. Navy striped shirt w/ long sleeves + (dark/white/red jeans or shorts -jeans or white- or navy leggins or marculine pans like Coco Chanel)+ (flats or sandals)

4. Classic Trench Coat...on top of anything!

So, how do you like my 'preppy accents'? Am I missing something?


  1. Just loved the style biography. And about the preppy world, this style is the best investment (specially for men): conservative items like polo shirts, khaki pants, penny loafers, blue blazers, classic trench coats... are always fashion and safe (if these two words can be together), you can wear them for decades!!!
    Greetings from Spain. Pedro.

  2. Right...Preppy never gets out of style! Thanks for stopping by! Bisous! :)

  3. Pedro has a great sense of style... I know that for a fact. He has the preppy college professor look down to a t. As for my dear friend Elsa, I've always admired your sense of style. You can look hippie chic, vintage glam, hipster funky, rock and roll picnic all in the same week, and your looks always flatter your persona. Not many people can pull that off... including myself. That's why in this blog I will ask you publicly if you will go shopping with me one day! Will you? In any case, I'd really be interested in knowing where to shop around Miami- considering my budget and all. Besos! Will read you soon!


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