Aidan's Chair

As a self-proclaimed Sex And The City scholar, I came up with several theories on my own. For starters, I do believe that Carrie B. paid the bad Karma for breaking Aidan's heart through the last three seasons and even in the movies -I just don't think that Mr. Big was the Big Prize. Anyway...My second theory is that the big chair that Carrie bought at Aidan's showroom when they just met, represents what the 'Aidan-kind-of-guy' is and what he can bring to any committed relationship: beauty, safety, coziness and comfort.

Anyway...theories! The reality is that I'm really in the market for the so-called leather-club chair. Aren't they gorgeous? I totally see myself nestled in one of those, under a blanket, while enjoying a cup of tea  glass of wine, and reading books or magazines! In my wildest fantasies, I always find the perfect vintage leather-club chair on a charming flea-market for under $250. :) Visualization!

In the meantime, let's enjoy the views!

Have you ever been interested in leather-club chairs? How do you like my SATC theories?

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  1. They are just a classic - you cant go wrong and the older they get the better they get.

    Pity Carrie didn't stay with him longer - she could have gotten way more furniture...Her furniture did not catch up with her clothes at all!

  2. You're so funny. I vote the first one!

  3. I think you guys should get a double leather chair. Then you can sit in it and cuddle under a fuzzy blanket when you're watching TV:-)

    XO, Gina

  4. Leather chairs like this age so well.
    PS I liked all the bobs in the last post too.

  5. I love cozy leather club chairs. I totally agree with you about SATC, Aiden was definitely the one I'd pick out of all the men on the show.

  6. Always up for a good SATC theory! xo Caroline

  7. Im swooning over the second one so much!!! It's beautiful:) Have a great day, sweetie! xo

  8. I also love the look and feel of a Leather Club Chair. I finally bought one of these chairs from Mecox Gardens. They are so comfy! Everything at Mecox is just beautiful. I love shopping there.


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