Beaches To Get Lost: Marco Island

First of all, I admit that I still have a lot to learn and discover about Florida Gulf Coast. Let's take it with baby-steps!

Last Monday, I took advantage of our very-much-needed day off to drive up to the West Coast, direction Marco Island.

Nice town, no question about it! About the beach...well, I guess that it's perfect to relax and disconnect!  Kind of familiar ambiance, some French tourists... I would recommend it to go along with family, your signinficant other, kids, or just a good book! Judge by yourself!

Now, if you guys are in the area and fancy a nice dinner...don't hesitate and drive up to Naples!

Honestly, if I had to plan the day-trip again, I would have gone straight to Naples, as its vibrant downtown area and entertainment district -including fine restaurants and shopping- is located within walking distance from the beach -which is definitely very convenient! The billionaire vibe that you can feel there is also stimulating nonetheless!

Have you guys been to the Gulf Coast Area? Do you have any recommendations for me?


  1. Gorgeous! We've never been but would love to go. Enjoy! xo style, she wrote

  2. Love your blog too and I'm following!

    SUCH a beach person, would love to go to Florida!


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