The 90-Minute Conversation That Changed My Life

Niagara Falls, July 4, 2011

Looking back, I still find it one of the most magical things that ever occurred to me. 

Last year, I spent the Fourth Of July break in Niagara Falls. I travelled on my own -like I usually do. What I couldn't imagine at that time, was how much my life was going to change after that trip.

It was a Sunday, July 3, 2011, around 10.30 pm. I had spent that day in Toronto. On my way back to Niagara Falls, I decided to stop by the Skylon Tower, on the Canadian side. I started shooting the Falls with my new camera, and this guy was just next to me doing the same thing, with the same Canon Rebel. I certainly asked him for some advice to use the camera for better results -I actually had bought the camera the day before I embarked on that trip. 

Niagara Falls, Skylon Tower, July 3, 2011

We talked for maybe ninety minutes, exchanged emails and said good bye. I really liked him, but I was returning to Miami the next day and he was returning to...GERMANY the following week. What were the chances for me to see him again? 

The moment I arrived at Miami, I shot him an email to make sure we stayed in touch. And SO we did. From that moment, we talked everyday. We soon realized that our random encounter in Niagara Falls was the beginning of a relationship.

This last year was a roller coaster of emotions and beautiful moments. I guess that you don't choose to have your boyfriend at the other side of the pond. It just happens. The moment you fully embrace the LDR, you realize that it will all make sense and fall into place when the time is right. 

Koblenz, April 2012
Stay tuned for life-changing adjustments! 

In the meantime, Happy Anniversary, Michael. Here's to many more! 


  1. Wow - what an amazing story - so romantic and it can't be easy but it will all work out in the end :)



  2. Awww!!!! This is one of the sweetest love stories i've ever heard!

  3. such a sweet story! very romantic! happy anniversary!

    I just followed your lovely blog and liked this post on Bloglovin. Stay in touch ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. I love it - what a cool story!

  5. wowwww¡¡ que historia de amor tan bonita cielo¡¡ I en las cataratas..¡¡ wow¡¡ es de película¡¡ muchas felicidades por ese año juntos¡¡
    Yo también me tuve que ir a Sicilia para encontrar a mi chico¡¡ Es el destino¡¡¡ :-) mil besoss

  6. Wow I knew the story but not in writing, still gave me the same great goosebumps. Time flies, happy anniversary. I hope one day I meet Michael. Happy for u. Totally a movie story :-)

  7. How awesome! xoxo

  8. What an amazing story! Happy Anniversary to you both! xo style, she wrote

  9. Thats a beautiful story!!! :)
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know!
    Would love to keep on checking r story :)

  10. Aw, such a lovely post - happy anniversary to you both! xo

  11. This gave me goosebumbs! Just goes to show you never know how/where an important person is going to just walk into your life. Wishing you a very happy anniversary and many, many more!

  12. What a beautiful story!!! Happy anniversary!!!

  13. How sweet - happy anniversary! You never do know where love can bloom!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. The same happened to me while on holiday in Dubai...if its meant to be it will work no matter what. Happy 4th of July xxx

  15. Well, i think its a good time for me now to write some words. It's more a story or maybe more a fairy tale. But it all came true.
    Me, as a passionate fotographer during my vacations, i always wanted to have better quality in my pics. One day, i have seen something which seemed to be perfect. I checked my savings(which was not looking pretty good) but i wanted to have it. I said to myself: Lets talk to the seller in the shop. Maybe, maybe i can negotiate the price and get it. I cant afford it anway but lets talk to the guys. SO this guy told me: brandnew, best you ca get for money, great lense..blablabla..(lol). I was offered a discount of nearly 30%(still not really cheaper and not affordable) but at the end: i got it. My bank account was more than empty. My atm showed me a "no-you-come-back-later-maybe-never-ever-sign" but i said to myself: You never know what it's good for that you are nearly ruined for weeks.
    Me, afraid of hights and very claustrophobic, was travelling in new york. I was alone on my three weeks vacation. At the hotel, i met a wonderful german family. They were taking the same bus to times square to go on top of the rocks(rockefeller center). They invited me to join them. So i tried it out, followed them and when i reached the top of it, it was amazing. The view, no fear anymore - lovely. I am still in contact with this wonderful family - what a gift for me. Coincidence?
    The next day, i met a client which i was in contact for some years from my german office. His son was born and instead of sending anything per post, he invited to me see him at his appartment in new york. I got to know him, his new born son and his lovely whife. We became friends and i got great advice what to do and see in new york and on my way to canada. Always telling me: if you are at niagara falls, check the canadian site!!! Much nicer!!! I understood and saved it in mind. In two weeks, i gonna see him and his family again and their twins, born two days ago ! Exciting!
    So when i arrived in niagara, i was looking for cheap accomodations. I was running out of money, kind of. I know this feeling from some years ago..I checked a hostel on american side of niagara. It was closed from 1pm to 4pm. Hmm, the cheapest accomodation closed but i remember my friend saying: canadian border!!! Coincidence?
    So i passed the rainbow bridge and was looking for a cheap motel. I found one that looked affordable, negotiated the price - i am pretty good in that and checked the area. When sun was about to set, i have seen this big tower. Me, still afraid of hights and still claustrophobic, running out of money and running on budget, was walking to this tower. Pretty expensive to go up, pretty high...It was weird but something inside of me wanted me to go up. I was waiting, listening to my feelings....hmmm should i stay or should i go? Well, you know what happened! I paid the price and took the elevator up. It wasnt too bad there. Still a coincidence?
    I started to feel a bit comfi on top, awesome view, and at 10pm a firework started. Well, what can i happened that a girl asked me to help her out with her camera. Her pics arent good and i had the same camera.....You know what happened.
    So, if you look back on my beginning..: you never know sometimes when you do something if its good or not. You follow your instincts, your needs or an inner voice, a stomach feeling. Now i know !!!
    Now i know why i needed to buy the damn expensive Canon Eos 450D !!!
    Thank you, Elsa for a wonderful year full of emotions and full of memories which i never forget. The first time we met in miami at cafe van dyke four months after niagara, your first visit here in germany, our new years day in rome.....and thanks to this awesome hotmail messenger and my cheap phone connection that allowed us to keep in contact since 5th of july 2011 every day!!!
    Muchos besitos and happy anniversary ! Life is good !
    Maybe i start believing in coincidences....maybe..maybe more in destiny!

    1. OMG guys, I'm so happy for you two!! Los quiero!

  16. That is truly an amazing story. So romantic too. Happy anniversary.

  17. How romantic!! That is a lovely story - it was faith!!!

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  18. I'm so glad you shared this beautiful beautiful story of how you met your love. So romantic and providential. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you make this life change. I can't wait to hear more about your plans:-)

  19. wow!! what an amazing story... it makes me believe anything is possible!!! :)

  20. lovely story Elsaa (and for Michael's part too!) hope the distance can be overcomed

  21. Elsa my friend, I'm so happy and proud of you for everything you've accomplished, includis this long distance relationship. Love is truly a magical thing, and I hope you guys are happy forever more!! Besos amigos!! Cheers to a life full of love and adventure!


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