On Worshiping Diane Von Furstenberg: A Dream, A Dress, A Life

I don’t quite remember how I got to discover Diane Von Furstenberg, but the truth is that now, she is definitely one of the women that inspire me the most. Behind her big brand and the fabulous ‘wrap dress,’ there’s a charismatic woman that always followed her heart and dreams while turning into gold everything she touched.

Her autobiography 'Diane, A Signature Life', remains one of the most uplifting books I ever read: How she got to build her fashion empire, her love life, her disease, the defeats, the victories…She talks from a very honest and strong place, and her truth and experiences are equally empowering and revealing! Here you have some of my favorite fragments:

"I began to understand the universal truth –rather late- than when a woman loses the power of her own personality, she loses what attracted the man in the first place. She becomes the docile, passive person she thinks he wants, and then he is attracted by another shiny person.”
"When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a certain woman. I became that woman. I would like to remain that woman forever, enjoying life, celebrating it, and inspiring others to do so.”

Certainly, my most precious dress!

May the force of DVF be with us!


  1. Hi. Thank you for dropping me a line on Girlie Blog Seattle. I am following you via bloglovin now. I love that DVF dress. Bet it looks good on you.

  2. Thanks so much! I am honored! :) xoxo

  3. wow!!!! that dress is AMAZING!

    montes Y mills



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