Bach Flowers: Powerful Emotional Healing

I was introduced to Bach Flowers about five years ago, through one of my mother's best friends, who's a nurse and also very educated on homeopathic solutions. Around that time, I was going through a not-very-pleasant between-jobs period -I'm sure you guys can imagine the level of stress, anxiety and FEAR that it usually involves.


As soon as I started taking the drops dissolved in water several times a day, I noticed the effect, feeling more confident and strong to face the job search and interview processes.

Dr. Edward Bach, a very prestigious bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath specialist, came up with this solution back in the 1930s. The core of the philosophy behind the remedy is the belief that every illness is the result of an 'internal war' between our soul's purposes and our actions and outlook. Dr. Bach wanted to provide an effective solution to heal every negative emotion we might have. And according to his discoveries, flower petals contain healing properties. That emotional healing then, will translate into physical benefits:

"I want to make it as simple as this: I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from the garden for my tea; I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus."

                                                                                Dr. Edward Bach, dixit

Bach created 38 types of remedies. Each of them addresses one negative emotion.  I just bought a little bottle of Walnut in Whole Foods. This would be the description:

"For those who have definite ideals and ambitions in life and are fulfilling them, but on rare occasions are tempted to be led away from their own ideas, aims and work by the enthusiasm, convictions or strong opinions of others. The remedy gives constancy and protection from outside influences."

                                                                                Dr. Edward Bach, 1936

Did you guys hear about Bach Flowers before? Are you into Homeopathy in general? 


  1. I've tried this and didn't feel it did much for me- nothing like a good dose of valium instead! But I know people who absolutely SWEAR by it!

  2. I'm going through an in-between-jobs period right now :( Maybe I should give this a try!

    Corinne xo

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    Corinne xo

  4. I've never heard of Bach flowers, but it is pretty interesting! I definitely need protection from outside forces at times!

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  7. Oh my gosh, I've tried these. The whole concept is interesting to me.


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