Happy Mother's Day!

Awww...Mothers! The strength, endless love and generosity! I'm lucky to have a wonderful one. She is my angel, my rock, my inspiration, MY EVERYTHING!

My mum and I, December 2010 at The Standard in Miami Beach
Yesterday, I stopped by the Farmers' Market close to my place, to get some flowers and send her a beautiful pic of those (yes, she lives in Spain and I live in Miami, FL).

Farmers' Market Normandy Island, Miami Beach, FL
Tulips for My Mum!
Let's enjoy and celebrate everyday, not only our MOTHERS, but also EVERYBODY that takes care of us.

I think that Mothers' Day is the biggest celebration of LOVE...Let's NOT forget to celebrate it EVERY DAY!



  1. lovely post!
    there is new post on my blog :)


  2. I love this photo of you and your mom......beautiful!


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