Have A Great Weekend (Ten Links Friday)

Hi amig@s! Any plans for the weekend? We're excited over here about Lucía's Baptism next week. Here you guys a few links from around the Web. Have a great one!

- A comprehensive Chinese Herbs break-down (The Chalkboard Magazine)
- I'm a sucker for idioms (Grammar Check)
- The benefits of Omega 3 for kids' brain (Food Matters)
- Nasty! ;) (Elle)
- An ode to pink jumpers. I'm in (Who What Wear)
- Boundaries first, bonding second (Career Contessa)
- I couldn't agree more (The Everygirl)
- It was about time... (Refinery 29)
- Meaningful activities to do with your kids (Hey Mama)
- The best wine for pasta (Bon Appetite)


  1. Thank you for the links, good luck with the baptism :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. All the links sound so interesting, I'm off to check them out:) Kisses, sweetie

  3. some fabulous info here! Of course, I love the wine piece. Also, I agree 100% that it is so important to really listen attentively and check our understanding of what we've heard the person tell us. There is nothing more unattractive than those who just can't wait for their turn to talk and never really get what someone says. Finally, about the pink jumper. I love blush jumpers. That is the shade of pink I would choose!
    Thanks for sharing, my friend!
    XO, Gina

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