Packing Strategies I: Staple Items

This week, I'm starting the 'Packing Strategies Series.' I've been reading several articles about this matter, and now that most of us are planning our Summer vacation, it seems to be the right timing to put together some 'strategies' to follow when figuring out what to throw on the suitcase before a well-deserved vacay.

Packing Strategies: Staple Items

So, strategy #1 is what I called 'Staple Items' -was inspired on this article featured on Refinery29. Think about the two or three pieces that you'll be wearing all the time. Then, choose the remaining wardrobe options to match them:

1. Staple #1: Timeless Panama hat from J. Crew 
2. Staple #2: Farmers Market tote from J. Crew 
3. Staple #3 Comfy/stylish flats

4. How rad those pants are?!
5. Perfect dress for Summer nights
6. Basic/ sexy cropped top
7. Part of my personal 'uniform' when travelling to hot places 
8. I just love how this looks with a jeans short! 
9. You can wear this cutie from day to night on any given Summer day
10. To me, the sexiest basic item ever! 

Combining all the items above, I see a total of eight super cute looks.
Do you usually use this 'strategy' to select the wardrobe options for an upcoming trip? 
I'll be sharing some other strategies during the next few days! 


  1. I usually make lists, lots of lists, long and detailed lists...but in this last trip, I made all my packing in half an hour, and the result...well, let me tell you, I went shopping three times in the last eight days...I'm in Miami, and I forgot my shorts!!! so,thank you for this wonderful tips, dear!
    Big hugs!

  2. I always overpack - probably because I don't use too much strategy, haha. I can def use this!


  3. I really need to use a strategy when packing, I usually over pack or don't pack enough. Although, I do shop or look for vintage finds when I go away, so I need a suitcase with some room :) But, having some staples that I can make a few outfits from would be wise :)) Hope your Monday is a great one!! xoxo

  4. Great post. I love that dress, and I agree...a soft cotton grey T is one of the sexiest basics ever created!


  5. Great post and I love your picks :)



  6. What a fun series for the summer! Looking forward to reading more! xoxo

  7. Great tips! I pack my J. Crew farmers tote and Panama hat every beach weekend :) xoxo

  8. I could always reevaluate my packing strategy! Inevitably I pack things that never get used. More nude sandal options would save me some space :)


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