Serrano Ham & Anchovies Quiche

Darlings! This is a pretty intimate post! It took me 30+ years to get into cooking. It took a Gwyneth Paltrow book nonetheless! At this point...I just LOVE it. I still have a LOT of room to grow. I truly think that, at the end of  the day, it's all about willingness to learn and having FUN with that learning process. Do you guys agree? 

I want to share with you one of my BEST creation to date. A 'Calorie-control QUICHE': As, for now, I live on my own, I decided to create an individual Quiche. You can see the recipe here.

After almost eight years living in the USA, I got to realize that the feelings that Americans have for Bacon, we Spaniards have for Serrano Ham. So, I thought of substituting Bacon by Serrano. I also addeed some Anchovies. Yummy!

I'm not going to lie...It was maybe a bit TOO salty...I liked it thought! To kind of balace it out, I also prepared a spinach and cherry tomatoes salad, along with a glass (or two!) of Albarino wine. That was quite a Saturday lunch! 

Would you guys DARE to join me?


  1. I think cooking takes some time to get used to it. Like that you're trying and making it to your own recipe. xoxo

  2. Sounds delicious!

    Emma xo

  3. Yummy - good for you - it looks delicious..



  4. Oh yum, it sounds super delicious:) I totally would join in:) Muah

  5. I love quiches myself, and, being America, I love quiches with bacon!! The only problem is that bacon can be very greasy and fattening, so I've been look for ways to substitute, and this recipe with Serrano Ham looks great!

  6. It looks so yummy!

  7. Quiche is great, but I might be scared off by the anchovies!

  8. I've never had quiche, but have always wanted to try it!

  9. Well it looks great!
    Of course would I like to follow each other, I'm now following you with Bloglovin'.


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