Miami's Art Walk Scrapbook

I hope you guys had a  great weekend. Mine was not too bad. 

One of its highlights was the Art Walk, that takes place in Miami's very own Wynwood. The second saturday of every month, Miami's most artistic crowd hits the streets to enjoy the art exhibitions, live music, food trucks and the whole groovy vibe that invades this artistic neighbourhood. 

Here you guys have some images of the bohemian soiree, if you'd like to watch!

Do you guys like these collages? I came across this website called Photovisi while working on my first ever guess post for my beloved fellow blogger Johanna from 101 Things I Love (Thanks for the opportunity, darling!) Did you know about Photovisi? Do you use any other websites/programs to create special collages for your posts?


  1. I do like this collage - sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend.



  2. Sounds like fun.. i'd love to participate in something like that..

  3. Lovely guest post and I do love a pair of shoes with a great bow!

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  4. That's really a fabulous initiative!
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  5. Very cool collages! I have not used Photovisi,but I need to check it out now! I'm going to check out your guest post now too. Glad you had a fun weekend.

    XO, G

  6. I just read your guest post. Berlin ankle boots are stunning!! And...I'm lovin' the Portofino flip flops with the bow. What an awesome post!

  7. This looks like so much fun!!! I am totally stalking the photovisi site now!

  8. great collage.... it seems you had a pretty nice weekend! ;)

  9. I used to love going there... My favorite is having a drink at wood tavern


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