Grey T-Shirt: Bringing Effortless-Sexy Back...

Grey T-Shirt
1, 2, 3 and 4

...Assuming it was gone -which I doubt.
Blame it on Erika Leonard if you will. She has positioned grey -and its fifty shades- as the sexiest color of the season. Now, in my book -style book-  grey t-shirts, have always ranked high on my sexy-clothes chart. I love the effortless part. You feel comfortable, cute, cool, attractive...I personally need all of those feelings to be able to bring all my sexy out.
That reminds me a little story: A friend of mine hosted a dinner at her place for the guy she was seeing at that time. When I asked what she wore, she said 'nahh, easy: old t-shirt and denim cut-offs...but of course, sexy lingery underneath.' I think she was so right on! Oh...that date went well.
So darlings, may I there any fashion tip you want to share about 'sexyness'?


  1. Great post - my grey tshirt is one of my favourite, most worn pieces!

  2. I love grey tshirts. I like it better than white because it isn't as see through!

  3. I could not agree with you more. The grey T is one of the most amazing pieces of clothing of all time. So sexy:-)
    This is a fantastic post.
    BTW: I wish you lived would be so so cool to grab a coffee and chat about the gazillion things we have incommon.
    XO, Gina

  4. I mean you can never go wrong with a sexy pair of heels. I know a gray t shirt is SO much comfier but my go-to is always heels :) Also you should link this up with Loving Lately with Glossy Blonde!

  5. #4 would be great going in to Fall, with a pair of trusty black heels! I recently picked up a couple tee's from Old Navy - one of which is gray - and it's in constant rotation right now. Effortless but put together always wins, for me anyways :)

  6. I love grey tees,Elsa. There is something so sexy in its tomboy style!
    And about sexyness...I think about tomboy sytle otfits with really high heels or absolutely feminine flat sandals...that contrast is sooo sexy! No te parece?

    Besitos, amiga!



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