Have An Awesome Weekend!

This week has been pretty slow -blogging wise. My boyfriend is leaving tomorrow to Germany. During the past days I've been focusing on hanging out with him as much as possible. Next week I'll be resuming my posting, hopefully stronger than ever. Blogging will help me to get over the whole farewell blues.

Today, we'll do an old school date (dinner, movie and drinks). As for tomorrow morning, I was thinking about a nice brunch before heading to the airport -he has to be there at 2pm.

How about you, darlings? Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Whatever you do, please have a safe and happy one!

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  1. Aw! sweetie, I hope you two enjoy a perfect old school date, I love that kind, and even better when they finish with a late brunch!
    Y la próxima semana, si te sientes sola, cuenta conmigo para lo que necesites...
    Saludos desde el sur del mundo!



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