Succumbing To Spanx (Finally!)

Hi darlings! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Mine was pretty nice, actually. My parents are in town, and even though we didn't do anything particularly exciting -mostly due to the bad weather and my folks trying to get over the jet lag- we certainly enjoyed each other's company.
One of the highlights of the weekend was that my mum and I finally succumbed to Spanx's 'hidden' charm -literally!- and bought ourselves a pair of shapers.
Those bad boys definitely do their job. I believe one of the keys of this product is to wear it with the right outfit, so that it leverages its power and you look 'red carpet' ready. There's a reason why every single celeb wears it under those tight night gowns.
But what I have to admit it impressed me the most, is the vision and drive of the woman behind the empire: Sara Blakely. I read her story and it inspires me SO much. Sometimes it's not a matter of inveting something -my mother and grandmother have worn shapewear in Spain for decades....- but reinventing! Spanx fiber and new designs up the ante on shapers as those products are mostly comfortable and effective.
Have you guys tried Spanx yet? Do you have any billion-dollar idea you want to share here? Have an awesome week!


  1. I've never tried them, but I think they are a great item for those who want to wear them to help them look and feel wonderful in their clothes. There is too often a lot of pressure on women to look skinny or look great even and this is a great thing to just put on and take off when you wish too and no surgery needed. Also great to wear when exercising as it helps keep the muscles together for toning. Happy Monday xx

  2. I haven't tried spanx yet but I have been curious about them!!!

  3. I wear spanx for really important events for a little extra pick-me-up. Still waiting for a million or billion dollar idea to come to me. :)

  4. I've always feared they would be too uncomfortable.

  5. My husband is a film producer and depending on the dress, I occasionally wear them at premiers and parties to keep everything smooth and sleek.

  6. I'm in a wedding this weekend and wouldn't go through with it without them. I'm going to be in a million pictures and want to look - like you said - red carpet ready.


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