A Dreamy Getaway!

I may have been living in Miami for too long -no offense!- but c'mon..doesn't this hotel look absolutely dreamy? 

Introducing the Castle/Hotel Auf Schonburg, located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Village. The castle was initially built circa 10th Century. It became one of the strongest centers of power during Middle Age. It got burned down in 1689 by French soldiers during the Palatinate wars. 

After being in ruins for 200 years, it had to be an German-American family, the Rhinelander's, who came into the picture and restored the magnificent property during the 19th century

The Castle is now working as a hotel, where you can enjoy a fabulous night for as low as 120 euros (156 USD) per person/per night  -including 4 course dinner, breakfast, free minibar, welcome Sherry and exclusive access to the castle garden. 

How's that for a romantic weekend getaway? 


  1. I want to escape there now! xo Caroline

  2. OMG! Wasn't I just saying I need more dates with hubby?? This would be perfect. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...
    XO, Gina

  3. Elsa,

    I thought your post read a Dreamy Giveaway, after reading the post I was like, where do I sign up!! Darn! The hotel looks magical!

  4. Gorgeous. I haven't been in Germany in many, many years. Such a pretty place.

  5. Ohhh my gosh that DOES look amazing! Look at that balcony almost right in the air! Incredible!

  6. Only $156?!? AMAZING. I need a vacation.

  7. I totally agree!! I miss Europe so bad sometimes, you're making me homesick with these pics, ha.

  8. Awww..its totally dreamy and that tiny balcony stole my heart! I am ready to pack:) Muah

  9. Absolutely romantic...a perfect getaway in a wonderful castle with a magnificent view...(sight)
    Voy a tener que secuestrar a mi maridito, Elsa...ya estoy haciendo planes, jeje!
    Un gran abrazo!


  10. Awesome ideas!

    xx pauline


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