Bday Getaway: Hotel Heinz Wellness Resort

Hi darlings! Hope you had an awesome weekend. On this end...well, let's just say that turning 35 has never gotten any more relaxing. Let me explain.

As I anticipated last Friday, Michael prepared a little surprise getaway to celebrate my birthday -which was on Sunday, January 13. The man delivered! Final destination: Hotel Heinz, a wellness resort sourrounded by a forest and just 45 minutes away from Bonn. Relax, nature, detox and amazing food and drinks.Have you ever tried Cranberry Champaign? Delish!

I couldn't possibly ask for more. 

I would have loved to go for a morning walk, but this former Miami resident needs some time to adjust to the   cold (Sunday morning we had minus 2 degrees Celcius/ 28 F) 

Again, thank you Michael for making everything so easy and special.

As for you, my lovely readers, I can tell you that a Spa getaway makes a great celebration -either birthdays, anniversaries, girl trips, familiy trips (I would love to take my mother, for instance!) Feels like you are in this bubble of wellness and positive energy. The whole experience hits all the pleasure centers!

Have you ever gone to a wellness resort? How was your experience? Have a great week! 


  1. Oh my! This is my kinda getaway. In fact, a wellness resort would be exactly what I would choose if I could go anywhere (other than an extend stay in Italy). Looks like you had a fabulous birthday and you soooooooooo deserve it. Now, what was in the packages? I'm curious...
    XO, Gina

  2. Happy belated birthday! You are one lucky girl :) This is the most charming getaway I could imagine! So beautiful and cozy! And I LOVE the candles spelling Happy Birthday, such a perfect touch!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  3. How lovely! Con grats! Germany has many great "Termal Bad", many in the south I know at least. Don't miss out! I think you're doing great with your adjustment! And remember, there can, probably will, be a backlash for a day, but it blows over, just normal I think, I mean it's a pretty big move you've made. you should be proud, and your hubby extra grateful:) xo Caroline

  4. What a wonderful surprise! The resort is just gorgeous. Happy belated birthday.

  5. Great post! lovely pics!

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  6. Ok, this looks amazing! Good for you guys!

  7. I cant think of a better place for you to spend your B-Day at!

  8. Lovely photos!

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