Let's All Have A Wonderful 2013!


Dear 2013,

Welcome to our lives. We were waiting for you and have certainly celebrated your much anticipated arrival. Be good to us, ok? Bring us tons of health, love, success, peace, hope, faith and inspiration. 

On this end, I'll try to work hard, hit the gym at least 3 times a week, write better posts and be kind and loving to the people around me. Help me adjust to my new life and make it a great one! 

I look forward to seeing how the next 365 days unfold...


Elsa XOXO 


  1. Happy New Year Elsa!! I've loved getting to know you through your blog! xoxoxo

  2. Agree! Wish you the best 2013! xo Caroline

  3. As a follower of cupcakesandcashmere and having read your Nice comment of wishing us also a great 2013 I felt much obliged to come to your blog to thank You for your kindness. Wish You the best for this year as well and many great inspirations and success for the blog!



  4. Gym and being kind to people is definitely on my list too :)


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