Brussels Bound

We spent the weekend on Europe's capital, Brussels that is, visiting friends. The amazing company and their warm hospitality -I also fell in love with their place, a four-store house built back on the nineteen-twenties- the incredible food and discovering the wide array of options that the city has to offer -from history to shopping, dining or entertaining- made of this short trip one of my best getaways ever!

After a two-hour drive, we arrived at destination just in time to indulge on a delicious brunch at our friends' place. Later on, we headed downtown to walk around the city -it was my very first time in Brussels, so everything was new for me.

The Cathedral, Grand Place -where the City Hall is- the Manneken Pis and even its less-known counterpart Jeanneke Pis were some of the popular city's landmarks I got to see during the tour.

Art Deco buildings, chocolateries, comic references, charming boutiques -oh, the always dreamy Brussels lace!-, the finest international cuisine...honestly walking around Brussels is one of the most stimulating experiences I had in a long time. 

Later that night, we hit one of the hippest restaurants in town: Belga Queen. Design -the bathroom situation is quite an experience!- cosmopolitan ambiance and fine cuisine -I had breast of duck...delish!- all in one place. The building used to be a bank in the past, and the lounge area is now where the bank vault was back then.   But as I said, the company was the best of all!

Sunday morning and early afternoon was all about relaxing at home and talk over a scrumptious brunch. Before that, we headed to the bakery to get some fresh baguettes -but I couldn't resist to get macarons and chocolates, for the road...

We truly hope to go back to Brussels very soon. As much as I loved the city, the company was the best of all. Michael's friends were wonderful to me, and made me feel like we knew each other for years. I have no words to express my gratitute...and also, we can't wait to go back! 


  1. Wow, this looks like it was a fantastic little trip:-) Those polka dot boxes are delightful and that restaurant looks and sounds amazing. It's awesome that Micheal's friends treated you so warmly...that is huge and such a good feeling when you just feel so at home with a group of people.
    Thanks (as always) for your kind words on my post today:-)
    XO, Gina

  2. Girl you are living the life...amazing!

  3. Amazing photos! And that restaurant sounds so cool! I usually judge a restaurant character based upon its bathroom, so I totally want to go there now.

  4. oh man - amazeballz! - i really wanna go!!!!

    PS pass it along - giveaway going on at my blog :o)

  5. What a stunning city! I want to visit it now:) Glad that you had a fantastic time, sweetie. Stay cozy. Muah

  6. I must go there, I have a Swedish friend in Brussels so I have all the reason! Thanks for inspiring me! xo Caroline

  7. Loved this post, I am off to Brussels next month so it has given me lots of inspiration xo

  8. looks great.. glad you had an enjoyable trip

  9. Thank you as always for your thoughtful commentary, Elsa! And great re-cap of Brussels. I hope to visit one day. I would love to see all of the beautiful Art Deco architecture first hand -- and eat all of that yummy chocolate!

    xo style, she wrote


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