Hi darlings! Hope you had a nice weekend. I know it is already Tuesday, but here in Germany, we had a 3-day weekend to celebrate Carnaval. Saturday and Sunday were pretty low key -involving some gym, Bundesliga (Hamburg beated Dortmund 4-1...yes, it is a HUGE deal in the house!), sauna time on Saturday night and Kill Bill marathon on Sunday night.

But Monday early afternoon, it was all about the Carnaval parade across downtown Bonn. We could enjoy a pretty nice view from Michael's office. People were SO into it: fun costumes, Carnaval songs, sweets and beer everywhere...Great ambiance! 

I hope next year I have more energy to put together a nice costume! :)

Thanks for reading! Xo, 


  1. so much fun... my post today was about Carnevale!

  2. This made me nostalgic of the time in Germany since there is always time for some carneval! Hope you're enjoying it! xo Caroline

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend, darling!! So glad to hear it. I hope you and Michael have a fabulous Valentine's Day. Will this be the first time you two are in the same place to celebrate?

    XO, Gina


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