Highlights Of The Weekend

Hi darlings! Hope you had a great weekend. On this end, well, my parents left Bonn on Thursday, after staying in town for a week. It was emotional and intense in a good way. But after all the family outings, we really appreciated to have two days to decompress.
Saturday morning, we hedaded downtown to visit one of the most charming retail stores in Bonn: The Tea House, a building that from the outside, makes you believe you are in the middle of a Grimm Brothers' fairy tale. We got some presents for a friend who celebrated her B-Day on Sunday.
Later that night, we headed to Delphi for an early dinner. I can't quite remember the last time I went to a Greek restaurant. The overall experience reminded me a little to Peruvian restaurants: the yummiest food in the coziest ambiance that only family restaurants can bring.
On Sunday, after the fabulous B-Day brunch -again, I'll never thank Michael's friends enough for such a warm welcome- we headed home to watch Argo. A great movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon is a match made in Heaven for me. What a master piece! The DVDs special features are fascinating: Even former US President Carter talks about the mission. Did you know that the real Argo operation became declassified during the Clinton era?
Feels great to resume the blogging activity! Thanks so much for reading! Have an awesome week! Xo,


  1. A movie on a rainy afternoon sounds lovely! I really miss being able to do stuff like that.
    so glad you had a relaxing weekend, and I'm glad you are back to blogging

    XO, Gina

  2. We recently watched "Argo" too. It was a good movie. I was surprised that I didn't know more about that whole episode.


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