The Coolest Offices Around The Globe

I used to think that 'working from home' was the new corner office. That was before I saw this article in From Stockholm to Palo Alto, visionary entrepreneurs have teamed up with creative genius to redefine how a work space should look like. And, boy did they do a great job! Check out this jaw-dropping images:

The White Mountain Office, in Stockholm, is located 30 meters underneath the surface. It used to be a fallout shelter. 
Slovenia's Chamber of Commerce

Selgas Cano Arquitectos Studio is nestled in the middle of the Sierra, outside Madrid. Mind blowing!

AirBnB provides international logistic services to rent buildings around the world. Their offices in San Francisco include work spaces that look like a studio in Berlin, a Hong Kong apartment or a cabana in the mountains -like the one in the picture.

Some of us like to go for a coffee break. It looks like at You Tube's they have 'slide breaks'.

What's your favorite?



  1. Love this! And so surprised to not have heard about that Stockholm office! Awsome! And the slide, seriously? You can't be stiff there...
    xo Caroline

  2. I want the Stockholm office...I bet you could get a lotta work done in there! Cool post!


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