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I came across They All Hate Us during one of my Pinterest sessions and it was love at first browse. Seriously. The master minds behind the site are Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson, two gorgeous Aussie fashionistas - Tash is a buyer for a leading Australian fashion retailer and Elle is a visual merchandising manager for an Australian swimwear label. As it usually happens, the They All Hate Us site started as a fun way to spend the afternoons. Overtime, the site has become a real style reference in their native Australia and also around the world. As they say:
“We just wanted an outlet to share our passions and aspirations between each other and the blog has snowballed from that. Our posts are never pre-planned and are always just a burst of our organic thoughts, there to make you feel good and cheer you up on a bad day! We love that our readers trust us and come to us for advice and help, we make sure every email gets a reply!”
So, if you have nothing to do/nowehere to go in the next hour or so, make sure you visit the They All Hate Us for some lifestyle and fashion inspiration, jaw-dropping images and some uplifting messages.
Have you guys discovered any new sites lately that you want to share? How do you usually discover new sites?
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  2. will check them out for sure!

  3. Yep, I find the pins from "They All Hate Us" intoxicating as well!

    XO, Gina

  4. Thanks for the inspiration and tip! Will check it out! Hope you're well! xo Caroline

  5. I looked forward to getting this.Feel amazing with leather jackets of The color is so much more rich in person than the photos even begin to show.


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