Highlights Of The (Mother's) Weekend!


This past weekend was supposed to be a festive one: Mother's Day in Spain on Sunday, Cinco de Mayo in the States and Rhine In Flames weekend in Bonn. We certainly made sure we tributed every single one! On Friday night, we headed to a Mexican restaurant down the street for an early Cinco de Mayo celebration. Did you know that this festivity is only observed in the USA and in some Mexican regions?
As I mentioned, this weekend Bonn celebrated the much acclaimed Rhine In Flames, an annual festival full of music, food, drinks and a wide array of entertainment options for both kids and adults. The cherry on top is the big fireworks spectacle on Saturday night right over the Rhine. We hit the festival on Saturday evening.
On Sunday, and taking advantage of the absolute fabulous weather (a whooping 22C/ 71.6F) we went on our bikes (we drove 66km/41 miles in one day!) This time we rolled along the Rhine down to Brühl, a small town with a beautiful palace nestled on an equally beautiful Forrest. Needless to say, the ride was amazing. On our way back to Bonn, and making the best out of an unnecessary detour, I grabbed Sylvester flowers off some bushes thinking on my mother in Spain (she is a gardener pro!) Mamita, these flowers are for you! Muah!
I wish you all a very nice week! Thanks for reading! Xo,


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! Glad you had a relaxing weekend:-)


  2. Sounds like a gorgeous weekend Elsa - glad you had fun!

  3. That carnival looks awesome. Makes me want to be a kid again.

  4. Aww..the flowers are beautiful and it looks like you had tons of fun this past weekend. Btw: 41 miles? Wow, you are awesome. Muah, darling


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