Impromptu Getaway: Burg Eltz (The Eltz Castle)


I'm one of these people that enjoy planning a trip almost as much as the trip itself. However, there's something equally exciting about an impromptu getaway. And I have to say that Mr. Schinnen masters the art of coming up with the perfect day trip from one minute to another, and what I find even more difficult: keeping the destination as a surprise. After a one-hour drive and as you can imagine, the moment I saw the magnificent Burg Eltz (German for Eltz Castle) my jaw dropped.
Nestled in one of the most beautiful valleys in the region -and one of the most privileged locations from a geo-strategic standpoint- the Eltz castle still preserves all its handsomeness and glorious presence. It was built by the Eltz family back in the XV Century. Their wealth and connections have allowed them to keep the property in excellent conditions throughout the centuries. Now, the castle represents an invaluable testimony of one of the country's most powerful families lifestyle back in the 1400s and its evolution across centuries.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Tomorrow, I'll share with you the details of the second part of the trip (Maria Laach Abbey).
Have an awesome week!


  1. Looks beautiful! What a great little trip! xo Caroline

  2. That looks amazing...glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. WOW, what a charming place:) It looks perfect for romantic day trips. Happy day, sweetie.

  4. That looks like sleeping beauty's castle. Stunning!


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