Searching For The Perfect Picnic Blanket

It looks like Spring has finally arrived here in Bonn. One of our favorite activities to do on sunny weekends is to hit the road with our bikes and roll around the surroundings -mostly alongside the Rhine and across forests nearby. I truly recommend the experience, if you happen to have the chance. At the moment, we usually take ride breaks at beer gardens -nothing like a refreshing German beer to recover after the exercise. However -perhaps when the weather is even warmer- I look forward to having little picnics by the river instead, getting a bit of sun, having a little siesta or enjoying a good book. For that matter, a pretty and functional picnic blanket becomes an absolute necessity. As far as patterns and styles,there are so many options: Tartan, ethnic, stripes... Here you have some of my top choices, if you'd like to see.

Do you guys have any particular suggestion or preference on the matter?
As always, thanks for reading!

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