More Than An Outfit Post. A Friendship Post.

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you had a great weekend.

A few months ago, I won a great giveaway hosted over at Gina's Classy Ever After. I landed the gorgeous necklace from Benevolent Jewels shown in the pics. Benevolent Jewels is a Texas-based online jewelry shop   with the most beautiful selection of statement pieces at a fabulous price point. Further more, the owner, Michelle Trejo donates 20% of the profits to charities every three months. What a great example for business owners, right? Check out her site for some serious eye-candy. 

Well, this post is clearly long overdue. I kind of owed to Gina. But I wanted to dedicate this, not only to her and  Benevolent Jewels, but also to all the the friendships that come out of our passion for blogging. 

I'm sure that Gina and I will finally meet in person sooner or later, but that's precisely what the beauty of blogging is: We share so much here, that it is like we've known each other for the longest time. Cheers to us, to blogging, to our beautiful blogging community. A community that gives us so much encouragement, support, inspiration, love...

I'm not the best example as my posting is rather inconsistent -truly, got to work on that!- but still, the passion is definitely there. 

As for my outfit, well, I wanted to make the necklace pop, so I went for a Fall-ish outfit: grey t-shirt and black cardigan from Nordstrom Rack, grey wool blazer that has no label (I bought it in Rome last year, that's all I can recall), jeggings from JOE's via Nordstrom Rack -I wear them all the time! and Castellano loafers -a present from my father, from the last time we went home in June

Thanks guys, for all the support, love, inspiration and encouragement.

Have a great week! 


  1. Aw, what a lovely post! Not just the outfit, but the sentiment - I 100% agree, it's the people and the community that make blogging so worthwhile xo

  2. Yay!! You look beautiful. I'm so glad you did an outfit post and I love the dedication to blogging friendships. It is so true...I feel like so many of you are my friends even though we've never met.
    Elsa, you should post more pictures of are so naturally beautiful and so photogenic!!!
    XO, Gina


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