Cozy Weekend Survival Kit: Have A Great One!

Happy Friday! Hope you are off to a wonderful and cozy weekend. We're certainly excited to wrap up a cold and busy week, although Michael is fighting off an incipient cold , and I'm just praying for not getting it too -as I have a pretty important meeting next week!
But the good news is that we'll finally be able to watch Breaking Bad Season Finale, as the DVDs already hit stores here in Germany! Can't wait to curl up in the couch tonight under a warm blanket, with a nice glass of South African Shiraz and enjoy the Season Finale of probably the best TV show of all time!  

Have a great weekend!

Cozy Weekend Survival Kit





  1. I hope you have a great weekend & everyone gets well soon. Enjoy a lovely time watching the finale, I am still to see it as well. Have a wonderful time xx

  2. Oh, the finale is pretty intense!
    I love those socks, that sweater...and red wine is always fabulous! Cool post, darling;)
    XO, Gina

  3. I'm still in mourning that Breaking Bad is over!


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