How Good Are You At 'Surprises'?

When it comes to making gifts, I like to think of myself as a generous and thoughtful person. Now, when it comes to keeping them as a surprise, I just suck! To the point where I would get home excited about a present that I just bought for someone and call that person to tell them how excited I am and ask them if they want to know more about the present! True story.

It must have been the end of last Summer. Michael and I were walking around Cologne and saw a billboard announcing an upcoming Justin Timberlake concert in the city for April 2014. We immediately tried to check the tickets availability but unfortunately they were already sold out. Bummer.

Now, this past Sunday by midnight -actually it was already Monday- Michael woke me up to sing Happy B-Day to me. He was holding a little candle and an envelope on his hands. He asked me to open the envelope.

Can you guess?

Yeap! The man could get the tickets for Justin's concert. Apparently there was a new sale by mid-October. But what I find even more amazing is that he could keep the whole thing under wraps for like...3 months! Obviously the surprise effect was just awesome.

I'm curious: How good are you at giving (good) surprises?

PS: Have you guys seen JT in concert? I'm beyond excited! Also, you know you are getting old when you try to explain to a teenager who JT is. True story.



  1. Ahhh! I'm pretty good at keeping surprises but I rarely get them bc I always have a wishlist a mile long and end up picking out my own presents:) I'm glad you shared this because I was going to ask what you got for your Bday.
    Hope you enjoy the concert, darling. Very cool gift and I love that he surprised you with the tickets.
    BTW, I didn't know it but we are exactly the same age...
    XO, Gina

  2. I suck at gift giving and thats a concert i would love to attend. Stop by our blog if you like we can follow each other on gfc and bloglovin. Let us know. Kisses from Kenya

  3. I'm alright with gift giving, I get excited!! The concert sounds marvellous. But, if someone is trying to do a surprise for me, I get nervous and want to know, haha. So, it's best not to say anything to me if there will be a surprise!! I hope you enjoy doll. Have a wonderful weekend XO

  4. What a guy! That's hard to do. The longest I kept a secret was because I had to when I got pregnant and had to get past the first trimester. Ha ha!


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