An Unusual (And Inspiring!) New Year's Resolution

Since my birthday falls on mid-January (one week from today, actually!), I usually spend the first two weeks of the year doing some heavy analysis of what the previous year has represented.
2013 was a transitional, yet great year, which had a little bit of everything, but I'm mostly grateful for the health, love and unity.
Now, right when I was trying to set the goals for this new year, I providentially came across the graphic above: A real game-changer on the inspirational department, if you ask me. Liberating and inspiring. The message never gets old.
Let me confess you something: My struggles with the German language have been sort of torturing me during the past year. True story. The worst part? I'm scared of speaking, of making mistakes...That's right. I've been stuck into a vicious circle: I don't speak because my German is awful and my German doesn't get any better because I don't practice enough. Needless to say, Michael and his family/friends have continuously given me all the support in the world. I can't thank them enough. However, I'm the only one responsible for my progress. The good news is that I feel I'm progressively breaking that fear barrier. There, I said it.
Cheers to breaking fear barriers, to not caring about mistakes, to growth!
Have an awesome week, darlings!  


  1. I really feel for you with the German. It can be tricky. Stick with it and be proud that you can speak some German at all. It will eventually get better, and the world is full of people struggling with other countries' languages. Don´t mind the grammar too much, I think it´s more important that you get a working every day German that will give you some confidence and freedom and then you can make it right:) You can do it! xo Caroline

  2. You can do it doll, just keep practicing and you'll get there!! I've never tried to learn German, but it looks like a task really. Keep going and think positive, do your best and you'll get there xx

  3. this is a great message! I can't imagine moving to a new country and trying to learn the language as I go. That alone is quite courageous, Elsa. You've got this, darling and I am happy to hear that you will try to overcome the fear of making mistakes in 2014:) I have always wanted to learn Italian and I really need to get on that asap since I'll be over there before I know it.
    Finally, Happy Birthday my dear friend. May this year bring you much peace, love, fearlessness & fluent German:)
    XO, Gina

  4. I love that. So inspiring and very true, darling:) I bet you will overcome your fear of speaking German and I wish you all the happiness for 2014. You are wonderful! Kisses and hugs.


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