Inspirations To Customize Your Straw Bag

Hola amig@s! Hope you had a great weekend. Some of the questions that I got to be asked the most since I moved to Germany were if I miss Miami or how I'm coping with the cold winter. The reality is that the transition has been really smooth and have enjoyed and embraced the advantages and challenges of my new life from day one. BUT...when the Summer arrives, I really miss THE BEACH. 

We have ahead of us some pretty hectic weeks, involving the moving to a new apartment, work or doctor's appointments, but I believe that we'll finally be able to hit the Mediterranean shore at the beginning of August. More details to come. Fingers crossed. 

In the meantime, I've been "Pinteresting" my way around embellished straw bags. I got one last year, in Asturias, and I'm thinking about giving it a facelift for our upcoming trip. Here you have my top inspirations. Enjoy the images.

How do you like straw bags or embellished straw bags for that matter?

Have a great week! 


  1. These are cute, love the last ones so much with the pom poms :) x

  2. I love that first bag you showed - so cute for the beach!

  3. I love the first one...poms are ridiculously cute!

  4. Hey Elsa, miss you! I didn't realize you had posted. I think the first option is cute, but I think I prefer the straw bag plain with out the decorations. I adore the striped and color blocked straw bags.
    I'm so glad to hear all is going well, and you are feeling energetic still:)

    XO, gina


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