Long Weekend In The Belgian Coast

Happy Thursday amig@s! I hope your week is going well.

This past weekend, we officially kicked off our Summer vacation driving to the beach. Middelkerke, in the Belgian coast, was our destination. Our Airbnb apartment was love at first sight and the view from the terrace was probably the highlight of the weekend -it totally made up for the not so good weather :( 

We arrived at Middelkerke on Saturday afternoon. The Beer Festival was already in full swing, Naturally after we settled in the apartment, we hit the streets to see what it was all about. Great food and music everywhere!

On Sunday we headed to the beach right after breakfast. It was so nice to see Lucia running around and playing with the sand for the first time!We took like 400 pictures ;)

On Monday it rained pretty much all day. Bummer. Anyway, we stayed in and chilled. At around 5pm the weather cleared up and we drove to Ostend, another beach town nearby. We took a lovely walk by the harbour and its scenic promenade. Soul music legend Marvin Gaye lived a few years in this town, where he wrote 'Sexual Healing.'

We came home right in time to watch the sunset from our terrace. Lucía had her veggies and Michael and I made a toast to our little family and the milestones we are reaching together.

Tuesday morning, dad and daughter made a quick run to the beach. I took this pic from our terrace :)

We would return to Bonn that afternoon. It was nice and refreshing to feel the sea breeze and get to know Belgium better.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pics. Thanks for reading!

Next stop: Spain!!!!!!!! :) 

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  1. it looks freezing there! Lovely photos, Elsa. I hope you are enjoying your travels with your darling family and I will be looking forward to seeing the pics from Spain!


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