Have A Great (Long) Weekend! (Ten Links Friday)


Happy Friday amigos! Any plans for the weekend? I'm pretty sure we'll be hitting a wine festival tomorrow (Wohoo!) It's supposed to be really sunny. We shall see.

Have a great one (and happy Labor weekend for those who celebrate!) 

Getting good at body language (Goop)
And 'fake it 'till you become it' (TED Talks)
Pardon my tartle. Genius. (The Scotsman -via Joanna Goddard's newsletter)
Google keeps up with Fashion Week (NY Times)
Be kind! (Camille Styles)
I'm really into this (The Chalkboard Mag) 
Travelogue perfection: Norway (Hither and Thither)
Okay... (Inc.)
Well, happy bday! ;) (Emily Henderson) 

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