About 'Café Society'

I came across this term while researching about Truman Capote: Holly GolightlyBreakfast At Tiffany’s main character- is described as a ‘café society’ girl.
Did you guys know that Marilyn Monroe was supposed to take Audrey's role on the film version of Capote classic?

Timeless Audrey, portraying the 'ultimate cafe society girl.'

The expression was created at the beginning on the XX Century to define the ‘beautiful people’or ‘jet set’ that used to socialize on the big old cafes of New York, London or Paris.  Renoir's 'Le Moulin De La Galette' could very well represent the spirit of the concept.

American journalist and ‘bon vivant’ Lucius Beebe is credited to be the brain behind the concept, as he usually mentioned it on his weekly ‘society’column on the New York Herald Tribune.

I instantly felt really inspired by the concept!

Throughout the years, the term was redefined by society…However it got to keep its glamorous essence related to the bohemia, beauty, art, class and good times! 

I constantly feel the need of being inspired: a song, good readings, good stories, glamour, a magazine cover, a challenge…There are many things that can ‘hit the spot’ and become that injection of energy that makes me stronger and more motivated!

Sofia Loren: To me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world! And also...a great actress!

Diane Von Furstenberg: A smart woman that always knew how to follow her heart and become a household name on the fashion/pop culture and lisfestyle industry. A true icon! Her autobiography is one of the most inspiring and uplifting readings I have ever read.

My Penelope! She has been my idol for the longest time: Her beauty and charisma makes me want to be better! For me, her roles in Volver and Todo Sobre Mi Madre -both movies directed from Almodovar- are her best works to date.

Steve and Ali: Can you get any cooler? Hmmm...I would have never been able to go through the same stuff as they did, I guess that's why some of us, we're just not some of the greatest and most iconic movie stars ever!

What does it make you feel inspired?


  1. I like the fact that I am entertained by your blog and I'm also learning about pop culture by reading it. What inspires me? My son when he smiles at me... that smile that knows no problems... that inpsires me to go on! Another thing that inspires me: music... it is the essence of my being; without it, life would be dull. What inspires me? Good friends, good beer, good company, good vibes!!

    1. Vero, thanks for your comment! I have to say that you have always been a great inspiration to me! Love your passion for life, and truly admire your writing and knowledge about music! I really hope that one day you can resume your blogging activity! I would be super nice to be 'blog-mates':D


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