Roma, Roma, Roma...

... Core de 'sta Citta/unico grande amore/ de tanta e tanta ggente/ che fai sospira...

Antonello Venditti, a very famous Italian singer and songwriter, is the heart and soul behind this beautiful song, which is considered to be one of the ‘unofficial’ anthem of ‘la Cittá'

I have been invited to welcome the New Year in Rome. I have to say that it’s the most beautiful city I have ever seen –excuse me Paris!

Aside from the magnificent artistic and historical resources spread all over the city - from the Pantheon to the Vatican, the Coliseum…- the strong energy that invades every corner throughout the historic center is so empowering!
The culture, the history, the legends, the past Empire…so many things have been going on those streets –from the Roman Empire to Fellini shootings.
I had the privilege of walking around the historic center along with real locals, which makes the ‘tourism experience’ much more productive: You don’t waste time getting lost and asking around for directions…-even though those incidents can turn into unforgettable adventures!
Of course, the eating is a very important part of the Rome experience –especially because after all the walking, it does get to a point where you need to rest and recover. That’s why I want to share with you some of my favorite cafes, restaurants and frascheterias in town:

Great food on a perfect location! Don’t miss the amazing Fellini pics collection!
The best ambiance and food in town! Located on a very charming spot by the Tevere river, this is a must-go! Don't forget about your experience on a piece of paper. The staff will make sure that your 'testimony' will end up hanging on the restaurant's wall.


If you want to make a quick break while you are around the Spanish Stairs, Gina is the perfect spot to do so!

A really cool and charming restaurant by Piazza Augusto Imperator!


Campo Dei Fiore Cafe

Don't miss the maket full of fresh food and artesany. Need a break? Have a capuccino at the terrace of this cafe!

Fleur Luxury Living

Concept store with a lovely terrace. After enjoying the cappuccino, don’t forget to hit the store to indulge you with a wide range of beautiful stuff: books, flowers, furniture…you name it! Don’t miss it!

Bar Rossati

Best breakfast in town! Delicious croissants!

Hotel Locarno

Lovely terrace! Ideal place to have drinks after dinner!

I didn’t have high expectations about the Rome shopping experience, because of my budget range…but to my surprise, I did find some very interesting stores. There’s one in particular that I really liked: Brandy Mellville  The brand was created in Italy like 30 years ago…The clothes are really cool: let’s say Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger meet London’s Camden Town market! I could get several pieces (big jerseys, funky t-shirts and some more sophisticated little dresses) at an excellent relation price-quality.
I also loved the fabulous pictures that I got on my way to the Vatican: The famous scene in La Dolce Vita, where Marcelo jumps into the Fontana de Trevi along with Anitta, and  Gregory Peck walking down the Spanish Stairs behind Audrey on The Roman Holliday.

 This is me, on my way to the Vatican -the most intense touristic experience I have ever had!

Have you guys been to Rome?


  1. I haven't had the priviledge of visitin Rome, but after reading this post, I definitely want to go and visit those great spots!! Thanks for the insight!

    1. Hey doll! I was so impressed by the city. You will go and hopefully get to agree with me. Thanks for stopping by! Bisous!


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