I Wanna Be A Runner...This Time For Real!

I deeply admire runners -including one in particular, and he knows who he is! One of my New Year's resolutions is to catch up with my running habits -at least 4 times a week! Yesterday, Sunday, Jan 29, Miami hosted the very popular ING Marathon and some friends of friends participated. Wow, I am so proud of them! There's nothing like the amazing feeling of strength and power that follows a great workout.

Well, I am determined to start training and keep up with the routine on a regular basis! Wish me luck!

By the way: Doing some Internet reasearch on the matter, I found a great support-system for runners from all levels -including a blogger community network!

I'll show here the best tips I got:

1. Get the best running shoes

2. Get special socks for running

3. Get some cute running clothes (try to find them on 'clearence' and save some coins!)

4. Get the perfect running bra (for ladies, sure!)

4. And, to quote my favorite runner in the world : "just do it!'

Are you a runner? Any tips for a 'runner wannabe' like me? Am I missing any crucial tip?

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