Five Reasons Why I Love Gwyneth!

I want to create a series of posts to tribute some of the people I admire the most. On my second post, I talked about how important it is for me 'to feel inspired.' Even though 'inspiration' may come from many different sources, for me, most part of the times, it's all about great people that make me want to be better.

So I am going to start with my beloved Gwyneth Paltrow. Here you have the five reasons why I love her:

1. Her natural class and charisma: Born into Hollywood Royalty, this half-Jew masters the art of presenting herself effortlessly-cool while accepting an Oscar, cooking on national TV, enjoying a Jay-Z concert or singing live at a Country Music Award show. I also love her sense of humor and honesty about her privileged life and experiences.

2. Successful career and personal life: Does it get any more dreamy than that? The acting, the singing, the cooking, the blogging, the hubby, the kids...

3. I adore the site! It was definitely one of my inspirations to get started with my 'blog.'
4. Her wardrobe: Sure, genes help! However, what I find pretty extraordinary is the way she can pull off a wide array of different styles -the preppy, the rocker, the red carpet, the bohemian...My favorite? The Off-Red Carpet style. Check out some of her looks! I'm a self-proclaimed GP's fashion style scholar! Here you guys have some of my favorite Gwyneth's looks:

5. How she loves my Country! During her teenage years, Gwyneth spent a Summer in Toledo, Spain. Not only she speaks Spanish very fluently, but also she never misses an opportunity of talking wonders about my country. Did you guys watch 'Spain On The Road'? Delicious!
Do you like GP as much as I do?


  1. I adore Gwyneth (and GOOP) as well! Lovely blog you have here :-)

    Hugs from your new fan in Paris xx
    Camille @ The Wild Fleur

    1. Ma chère Camille!
      I have no words to express my excitement about your nice comment. I am just getting started here! By the way, your blog is a Dream! Congratulations my dear! Let's keep in touch!
      Thanks so much!


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