Five Reasons Why I Love Dylan Lauren

1. Her 'Family Business'. Dylan's father, fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, is the brain and the talent behind one of the most successful fashion names in the industry. It's not only about high-quality and stylish clothes. Ralph Lauren created this universe of 'coolness' and has certainly made history in the international fashion world.
2. Her exquisite education and charm. I cannot get enough of listening to her. Ivy-Leaguer and 'Park Avenue Princess', Dylan conducts herself with grace, class and sense of humor.

3 Entrepreneurial spirit. Dylan had always very clear that she wanted to make it on her own. That's why she started a few years ago Dylan's Candy Bar, the biggest and most impressive candy store in the world. She currently has stores in New York, Las Vegas and Orlando, and plans to expand internationally to London or even Hong-Kong.

4. Her style! As much as I love Ralph Lauren female collections, I do think that Dylan represents how a Ralph Lauren girl should look like. Check out some of her most stylish appearances.

5. Her passion for sports and fitness. For those who think that trying to create a 'candy empire' these days, when most part of the population is obsessed with losing weight and controlling the calorie-intake, is not a great idea, Dylan is very open about how she works hard on the gym, so that she can 'afford' to indulge into sweets anytime she wants. That's one of the reasons she always promotes healthy lifestyle habits.

Do you guys also like Dylan? Have you been to any of her stores?


  1. I've always wanted to visit her stores! Maybe someday!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, dear! Especially because I got to know your AMAZING blog! You're now on my radar, girl. Also, I left you a little comment on your brilliant post about the 'Relationship Agreement'.
      As for the Dylan store, it's actually a great experience! I encourage you to go if you have the opportunity.

  2. I live near the NYC flagship store so I'm there on a regular basis. What I love about it is the sense of fun and whimsy. You really do feel like a child again. If you can't get to a DCB store, I highly recommend ordering on-line from their website.

    1. Wow...lucky u, Lori! I did try the on-line shopping! :) However, nothing like the actual experience of visiting the store! :D Thanks for commenting!


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