Lovely Saturday At West Palm Beach

Mein Freund is visiting me in Miami, and I couldn't think of a better way of spending a not-very-hot Saturday afternoon than driving up North to lovely West Palm Beach. I've been there a few times before, yet I always stuck around City Place. Well, there's so much more that that!
Oui, c'est moi at WPB's City Place
We decided to walk through Clematis Street, -where you can find a wide array of different dining options- all the way up to the gorgeous Bay! What a relaxing promenade! Also, you can smell the money there...What an impressive collection of yatchs we saw!

I was quite impressed by a pretty charming business called Sloan's: One of the cutest ice-cream stores I've ever seen. It totally takes you to a fantasy place...What a great concept for a business like that!

What do you think about Sloan's? Have you ever been to West Palm Beach? Any place of interest you want to recommend on the area?


  1. Hi - just came across your blog and really like. Would love if you could check mine out and follow. :)

    My husband is from WPB so we go there quite a bit. I have never been to Sloan's though! Look adorable. I've definitely putting in on our list for next time. I usually always go to Juno Beach to run and watch the windsurfers. Last time we drove about 5-10 miles north and took a bike tour around Palm Beach Island. It was so good!! I highly recommend if you A) love fancy shops - Worth Ave. B) enjoy seeing multi-million dollar houses up close C) like a good ride.

    Jeez, long comment - sorry!

    1. Hi dear! Thansk for the comment! Also, thanks so much for the suggestion od Juno Beach! Sounds like a great plan for a day! Will try it out soon and report back! :) Bisous!

  2. It looks like a cute little place. xoxo


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