The Sunday I Found Out What The Difference Between An Island And A Key Is

This past weekend will be remembered for quite a few bittersweet highlights: Whitney's tragic and premature passing, Adele's glorious Grammy's night or Syria's turmoil.

At a more personal level, on Friday 10, Mein Freund landed in Miami all the way from Germany to spend 12 days with me and also, on Sunday, after eight years living in South Florida, I discovered what the difference between an island and a Key is. Better late than never, right?

It turns out that a Key, which is actually an island, is made of ancient coral reefs. That's what makes the Keys different from other islands.

We got the whole 'lowdown' on the geologic matter during a very entertaining excursion on boat to Boca Chita Key -located on Biscayne National Park.  It was a lovely option to spend on a rather windy Sunday. I look forward to next weekend's getaway to Key West, the 'big brother' of South Florida Keys. Here you have some pics of the trip. Enjoy!


  1. You're making me excited for my upcoming vacation to the Florida Keys!

    1. Ohh girl! I am heading to Key West this weekend! Been there a few times. When and where are you going there? You'll be having a great time for sure. It's one of my favorite getaways! Promise to do a cute post about it next week! Much love and thanks for commenting!


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