The Book Of Us

I'm one of those people that can spend hours in Barnes And Nobles browsing the latest books and magazines while enjoying a cappuccino. That's exactly what I did last Sunday afternoon. And I really want to share with you this 'adorable' finding, which of course, I ended up buying: The Book Of Us.

In this 'open book', David Marshall and his wife Kate help us to write our love story by asking 150 questions about the different moments on the relationship: from the dating to the wedding and afterwards. I found it too cute! I'm all about building sweet memories and create emotional bonds, and this journal is perfect to do so.

How do you guys like the concept?


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  2. Aw, very cute! Too soppy for my other half to get down with though, I fear!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. A great idea and a great way to get to know your lover's innermost thoughts. xo style, she wrote

  4. Perfect concept. My boyfriend and I are getting engaged soon and this is the perfect idea.

    Minted Magazine

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