On 'Dating Myself'

As much as I treasure all the loving and caring people that I have in my life, I really feel the need to spend some quality time on my own on a regular basis. Some people call it 'me-time' and I like to think about it as 'a date with myself.' Since I live alone, and there's no kids in the picture -yet!- it's rather easy to find the time for that!

So, what are my favorite things to do on my 'dates'? They usually involve some wine, yummy teas, cooking, a good movie, books, fashion magazines or bubble baths. I already mentioned here how I am lately looking forward to crashing in my couch on Friday nights in front of a good movie.

On my most recent date, I took advantage of the gorgeous Miami weather, and went for a walk across Bal Harbour bay. My latest Amazon order had arrived the day before, and I found the perfect spot to immerse myself into the reading. What a lovely Sunday afternoon!

So, do you guys 'date yourselves' once in a while? If so, what are your favorite things to do during your 'personal dates'?


  1. A date with myself includes magazines, blogs, naps and maybe a manicure. The best!

  2. Sounds like a perfect afternoon!

    Emma xo

  3. i dont think of them as dates but yes, i definitely enjoy my alone time so much. doing things i want to do and eating what i want to eat. it's nice and i definitely value it. but i think i need to step up my game here, you are courting yourself! :)

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  5. I love this! I'm big on "Me time" too. I usually end up taking a bubble bath right before bed every night just to regroup for the next day. It's my favorite time of the day.

    Kini Style & Klury.com

  6. Love this concept! Now that I am married, I need it even more:) it's important to take time for yourself! Xoxo Caroline


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