Inspirational Tuesday Nights Courtesy Of The Rancics

Gorgeous and talented Jennifer Hudson once opened up about her take on fame and stardom: She said that God chooses some people to have a bigger public projection so that they'll be able to make a difference in the world.

That's exactly how I feel when I watch Giuliana and Bill show every Tuesday night on Style. The way this couple is showing their struggle against Breast Cancer and their wish to become parents -they just revealed their intention to do it via gestational surrogacy - is the most inspirational and constructive message that reality TV has sent to millions and millions of families and women who are going through difficult situations like these.

OK...Giuliana's controversial comparison of trans fat to crack may have been out of place -as many people have highilghted. But c'mon...give her a break! I mean, the woman is facing so much pain and struggles! It's just not fair to go down on her for that remark. We all make mistakes!

How about the TV interview when they both talk about the double mastectomy and how a woman cannot be defined by that? Master piece!

That's great television for me!

Nothing but love, admiration and respect for the Rancic!


  1. I think they are a great couple, and support them especially in this tough time. Though I will take my trans fat-filled Oreos any day! xo style, she wrote

  2. Aren't you so excited for next week?

  3. I had a family friend beat breast cancer! It's tough to watch but I admire those who face it with courage :)


  4. I love them. I have ever since they first got together. It's been heartwarming and painful to follow along their journey.

  5. I adore these two. And their spirit and optimism is really admirable! One of my favorite shows to watch :)

  6. I haven't watched much of their show, but do admire her openness and willingness to talk about such personal issues. Women definitely need inspiration to make those tough decisions and be able to talk about them!

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