Visualization! But...Let's Not Forget What's Important!

I think that crisis can take the best and the worst out of a person. But it's Friday, so let's just focus on the positive! Never read The Secret, but I do believe in the power of dreams. I have always dreamt a lot -and I always will. It's part of my DNA. Some of my dreams came true, and some other didn't. Some of the dreams that came true, turned out to be not as good as I had planned in my mind, hence the saying 'be careful what you wish for...'

Anyway...let's set sometime apart to dream and to visualize us doing or achiving our goals! BUT...let's not forget what's really really important, ok? Have an awesome weekend!


  1. I definitely believe in visualization and the power of dreams :)

    Happy Friday! xoxo

  2. What lovely photos!! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  3. I enjoyed reading your post and the photos are beautiful :) Have a great weekend too! xo akiko
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  4. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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