Oh, Happy Sundays!

I always have this great feeling about Sunday mornings: To me, it's like nothing can go wrong! As a matter of fact, I usually feel happier and more productive at that time! 

Today, it was actually a pretty good one!

Woke up early to catch up on my Coelho reading as I enjoyed the first cup of coffee:

Later on, I met my girls for breakfast in Le Boudoir, a 'french spot' located in the heart of Coral Gables: Nothing like a 800- calorie-breakfast to celebrate friendship, La France and Sunday mornings!

So, do you guys love Sundays as much as I do? What are the things you like to do the most on Sunday mornings?


  1. Nothing against french breakfast on sundays, but having this breakfast with you, Elsa, makes my sundays perfect !

  2. Relaxing Sunday mornings are the best!

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  3. You can never go wrong with French anything!

  4. I'm totally with you and love to get brunch on Sundays! Mm croissants and croque mousiers are definitely a good way to end the weekend!

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  5. That looks so delicious. So much yummy food.

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  6. Looks like an amazing Sunday, Elsa! Those treats look so tasty. xo style, she wrote

  7. This looks like a good breakfast spot! I like to go out for brunch, for sure! After sleeping in a little.

  8. that food looks delicious! on sunday mornings, i just love to sleep in


  9. yummyy, that looks so delicious! I love Sunday mornings, they're all about sleeping late and eating a BIIIG breakfast (or brunch) ;)


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I would love to hear from you! You comments make me happy and inspire me to get better. Thank you!


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