Biking Around Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

I hadn't been in Hollywood Beach in years, but I was kind of craving a bike ride, and found this convenient spot for bike rentals in that area. It became the perfect Sunday afternoon plan! There's something very charming about Hollywood Beach Broadwalk: You instantly get the old-school beach town vibe. It's super laid-back and full of genuine people enjoying the weather, beach and food...That's what it's all about, right?

The Broadwalk
The Broadwalk
The Beach
Some 'fine' real estate in the area
Part of the bike ride
Time to return the rental 
Let's Go Heat! 
Don't you love beach towns? 


  1. I do like beach towns, but as a Bulls fan, I cannot cheer for the Heat. Looks like a wonderful bike ride!

  2. Oh wow ! This looks dreamy :)

    Wish I could swop weather with you !



  3. I''d love to live in a beach town...i'm surrounded by corn fields!

  4. wonderful, i want to be there too :*

  5. Beautiful photos! Wish I was there! xA

  6. Ah, yes! Total love. Looks like an amazing time! Enjoy every second of it! xo style, she wrote

  7. Really perfect!!! Love itttttt


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