The Rancics: Back To Their Dolce Vita 'Unique' Mode

After so much high-voltage drama, last Tuesday night fans could relax and enjoy watching MY favorite couple in reality TV doing what they do best: house hunting, closing TV deals and entertaining the crowd showing off their organic coolness to everyone that cares to see.

Courtesy of NBC Chicago
The best? Giuliana's recovery, the pregnancy's satisfactory evolution, and...GET THIS, the announcement of the deal with NBC, by which Giuliana and Bill will be hosting a dating show. I WON'T MISS IT!

To be honest, I am not particularly crazy about the name of the Chicago restaurant -RPM Italian. But anyway, if I ever go back to Chicago, I would definitely stop by!

Also, as a friendly reminder, tonight you guys can watch the third episode of The Conversation, on Lifetime at 11 pm.


  1. Don't love the name either, but good for them! Can't wait to see their new show. xo style, she wrote

  2. I haven't watched it yet! I will pretend I didn't read this!


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