What Our Hearts Leave Behind

Last Saturday night I finally rented W.E., Madonna's directorial debut. The movie tells two love stories: the one between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, who eventually abdicated the throne to marry the American divorcée, and the affair between a young lady, Wally Winthrop -trapped in a horrible marriage- and a Russian Security guard.


It got me thinking about the things we have to give up to follow our heart.

Mrs. Simpson gave up her privacy and the King gave up the throne and apparently, lived happily ever after.

On the other side, the young lady gave up her career at Sotheby's to marry 'the picture-perfect prince': a NYC prestigious psychiatrist, who ended up making her suffer all kinds of physical and mental abuse.

It's all about compromising. EVERYTHING takes sacrifices, especially the most important things in life: a relationship, your career, motherhood...I guess the trick is to know if it's worth it!

Now, the question is...How Do You Know? Maybe only time will give us the answer. But, I can tell you something: As much as I believe in compromising, there's only one thing you cannot sacrifice: YOURSELF. The moment you get asked to stop being who you are, that moment you know it might not be worth it.

Looking back in my life, I remember how I took risks -usually involving moving to foreign countries. When I try to recall the elements of the 'decision-making process', there was always a PLAN. Plans are definitely important. I believe in plans.

However, plans are not enough.

That's where the magical/emotional component comes in: The power of the dreams, the signs of the universe, the signs of your heart.

Well, dear readers, it looks like there were some things that I wanted to get off my chest!

So, let's talk about it! What are the biggest sacrifices that you had to make in life? What did you learn/get from that? Would you do them again?


  1. As a mother one sacrifices a lot- in fact I think they are the only people in the world that make it okay to sacrifice yourself- I think it is inevitable- but luckily it is only for a short period while they are young- of course compromise is ideal but the truth is that it is difficult to be yourself when you are tired. I agree that sacrificing oneself for your partner or friends is unacceptable.
    I've moved to live to three different foreign countries- a PLAN is a must- and so is courage.

  2. This is a very deep post! I will have to think about it and come back to you :)

  3. Sacrifices...I wouldn't call them that, I made decisions, over the years, and of course every road we take, left another one we don't follow...I never look back to the road I left, is useless, you can't go back, just move forward...so I have no regrets, of course I made tons of mistakes, but you can't change that, you must learn from them, and keep moving...I don't make master plans either, in live, I make tons of them for work, I'm an architect, when you have kids, plans, strict plans are a luxury...and a waist of time!...haha!
    I love this post, dear...it's very inspiring!
    Thank you for your lovely comment,

    Big hugs!


  4. I'm dying to see this movie and even more so now after reading your post :)




  5. thank u for your comment




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