Bringing 'Glow' Back

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend! 

As I had previously mentioned, Spanish super model Eugenia Silva's blog is one of my daily reads. The other day, Eugenia talked about the blog of one of her friends, NYC-based make-up artist Katey Denno

'The Beauty Of It Is' gathers amazing tips and insightful information about beauty and well-being. I personally cannot wait to indulge myself with the following facial (which we can easily get done from the comfort of our own home!):

Apparently, papaya, yogurt, honey and avena are the 'magic' ingredients to create the perfect facial that will bring our glow back -Denno recommends it to do it on Saturday morning. 

Isn't it fabulous?  Can't wait to try it! 

The best part is that she promised to post more DIY facial masks. I'll definitely stay tuned! 

Have a great week! 


  1. I love it, Elsa, and besides it must tastes delicious, don't you think?!

    Thank you for your lovely comment during my Miami getaway, sweetie! Unfortunately I didn't see it on time:(!

    I make a link to your Cafe Society XXI in my last post! I hope you like it,dear!



  2. I will have to try this! It sounds so good!

  3. That's awesome...happy Monday, friend!

  4. I'm intrigued, definitely want to try this!

  5. Papayas have an enzyme that cleanses your sking and gets rid of toxins... Shame I don't like the taste of it!


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