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I guess that most part of us, fabulous ladies, have this need of expressing who we are through clothes and lifestyle.

Now, I would like to share with you some of my go-to tools that really help me when it comes to define and re-define my personal style.

As far as books go, I would recommend two of the most interesting I have read -and trust me, I read quite a few-: I *Heart* Your Style by Amanda Brooks  and The Parisian Style by Ines de la Fressange.

I *Heart* Your Style represents a magnificent sociology analysis of the most remarkable fashion trends born throughout the XX Century -from minimalist to classic, preppy or bohemian- describing each of them from a social and cultural point of view, including also the psychology behind them, as well as their most representative icons and signature pieces.

Probably my favorite parts of the book are the powerful foreword by my beloved Diane Von Furstenberg -stressing the importance of self-confidence-, and Brooks' very personal introduction, where she reveals the two key-elements of 'style': Life Experiences (readings, trips, new friends, new challenges...) and Research (as a way to find the right clothes to express your personality). Finding our style is pretty much an ongoing process and an integral part and  consequence of our growth as human beings.

Amanda Brooks

Ines' book focuses on breaking down the elements of the 'Parisian style': from the psychology to key 'style and beauty' rules -at any age!- and staple wardrobe pieces that contribute to define that style. My favorite part is the 'Basic pieces' chapter, where she reveals the six items that we just have to have in our wardrobe: the perfect blazer, trench, jeans, white t-shirt, blue navy/cashmere sweater and the little black dress.

Ines de la Fressange

As far as blogs go, I have a personal favorite: Eugenia Silva's Look Book. Silva is a Spanish super model. For the last 2 years she has been updating her blog almost everyday with her looks -a wide range of wardrobe options, from red carpets to film festivals, dinner dates or just running errands-, and personal experiences such as professional projects or many lifestyle options (books, movies, travelling...) Eugenia is super generous with her very loyal followers and shares with us a huge part of her fabulous life! I admit that I frequently 'consult' her blog's archives to see how she combined a pair black leather pants, jeans or a trench coat.

Eugenia Silva
Maria León has been one of my strongest influences to get started with my Café Society. María has a gypsy soul trapped on a Park Avenue Princess' look. I worship her writing and vision about art, fashion, travelling and anything in between.

Lastly, I would like to share with you a 'collage' that I personally made with pictures taken by French fashion magazines from the seventies. My mum spent a few years in Paris during that time and kept a bunch of those throughout all these years. Now, a part of them are hanging in the walk-in closet of my apartment in Miami.

Enough about me! Do you guys have any personal 'style references'?


  1. I got Parisian Chic for Christmas and I absolutely loved it. I agree with 90% of what she says and got the best style inspiration from it along with really really cool tips for the next time I am in Paris. It's definitely got my recommendation too.

    I don't have the other one but I'll pick it up after reading this- looks great x

  2. Me encanta el blog de María León,me parece genial! Estoy de acuerdo contigo!

  3. Love de la Fressange's book! It is one of my faves. I can't wait to use the shopping guide when I go to Paris! xo style, she wrote

  4. Elisaaaa!!!!!!Que mona eres!!!!!
    Mil gracias!!!!
    Oye desde hace tiempo me muero por tener el libro de Amanda porque he oído hablar mucho de él!!!!Cual ha sido mi sorpresa cuando lo he visto nombrado aquí!!!El mío sale el 7 de Mayo!!!Espero que lo leas también;)!!!!
    Sabes donde lo puedo conseguir???
    Por cierto, vives en España???
    María León

  5. I honestly get so much inspo from blogs these days because my time is so limited for reading so I'd have to say the internets. Am I lame?

    PS - that resto we were at was Mangoes!

  6. great photos and style
    i'm following u but now it's your turn :) follow me


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