Packing Strategies IV: Per Activity

I'm about to wrap up this week series with the last -and my personal favorite- packing strategy. I called it 'per activity.' Before a trip, I try to break down the different things I'll be doing, and then, plan accordingly. Let's just say, we'll be having some vacay in a sunny place, where we can go to the beach, going out at night for dinner and drinks, and also, doing some day trips to local attractions. This is what my wardrobe selection would look like: 

Packing Strategy: Per Activity/ Beach Time

1. Hat                                                  5. Hot bikini 
2. Versatile dress                                  6. Classy tote
3. Fun t-shirt                                      7. Havaianas
4. Colorful shorts                               8. Shades

Day Time (No Beach)

1.Playsuit                                                      5. LOVE this pants
2. Romantic dress                                         6. Bag                                
3. Jacket                                                       7.  Sandals 
4. Sexy top                                                    8. Flattering earrings

Summer Nights

1. Flirty/romantic dress
2. Sexy/timeless LBD dress
3. Sensual maxi dress
4. Summer clutch 
5. Stylish&super comfy sandals
6. Flattering earrings
7. Statement bracelet

So, overall, what's your favorite strategy for packing? 


  1. Love these outfit ideas! I like packing pieces that are versatile -- can be worn together, layered, have different uses (ie a maxi dress can work for day, night, beach coverup). Items that aren't bulky, fit into a neutral color palette and that, when possible, don't wrinkle easily.

  2. You always need a basic black bikini. Always.

  3. Great summer essential! xoxo

  4. I love your strategy, these are such great pieces! That maxi dress is gorgeous.

  5. I like picking pieces that layer really well and are mostly wrinkle free - black v-necks and white t-shirts are almost always a must!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. This was a great series! Overall, I just pack lots of comfy outfits...i'm on vacation, so i want to be able to relax!

  7. This series was fantastic! I would say I pack per activity. That's why I need an itinerary:-)
    Great blogging...
    xo, Gina

  8. Thanks, that maxi dress is amazing :)

  9. You are so much more organized than I am! I usually say ok, 5 days? That means 10 shirts, 5 pairs of shoes, etc. etc. And then I just throw it all in a bag. It's pretty bad!

  10. that clutch, in that color, is to die for!

  11. Great selections ! It makes me feel like being on holidays !

  12. packing is not easy...I would say it always depends on the destination... ;)


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